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Drops Earrings

Pandora Spiritual Feathers Drop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings017
• Sterling Silver, Enamel • Drops • Turquoise • 297205EN168 • Tickle your sartorial fancy with these bohemian-inspired feather earrings. Symbolic of freedom, the delicate feathers are crafted from sterling silver and adorned with pretty heart details with hand-painted turquoise enamel...
£13.53 £45.10
Pandora Rose Radiant Elegance Drop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings070
• Rose Gold, Cubic Zirconia • Drops • 280688CZ • Two rosy discs encrusted with concentric circles of sparkling stones add a glamorous expression to these elegant PANDORA Rose™ dangle earrings. With their classic look, they will add vintage sophistication to any occasion. Please note that the butterf..
£24.60 £82.00
Pandora Timeless Elegance Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings103
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Drops • 290593CZ • Make a glamorous statement with these sterling silver elegant drop earrings. Instantly upgrading any outfit and perfect for evening wear, this vintage-inspired pair will add serious sparkle to your look...
£22.14 £73.80
Pandora Shimmering Feathers Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings105
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Drops • 290584CZ • Inspired by the elegance and lightness of feathers, these airy sterling silver dangle earrings represent stunning, natural beauty. Shimmering cubic zirconia (CZ) stones accentuate the splendor of their stylized form, making these feather earring..
£36.90 £123.00
Pandora Circles Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings062
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Drops • 296296CZ • These sterling silver dangle earrings have two circles: a large logo-embossed disc and a small sparkling disc- powerfully understated with harmonious movement and contrasting textures...
£15.99 £53.30
Pandora Cascading Glamour Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings061
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Drops • 296201CZ • Elegant teardrop shapes catch the light with 240 clear cubic zirconia (CZ) stones on these sparkling sterling silver chandelier earrings. Offering unlimited glamour, they will capture attention wherever you wear them...
£36.90 £123.00
Pandora Love Locks Drop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings041
• Sterling Silver • Drops, Love, Valentine's Day • 296575 • These sophisticated padlock-inspired sterling silver earrings are the perfect way to lock down your style. Suited to every occasion, the dangling design combines the sweetness of hearts with industrial edge...
£11.07 £36.90
Pandora Vintage Allure Drop Earrings
New -70 %
Model: Earrings092
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Drops • 290722CZ • For all those nights out on the town or for times when you need a little bit of extra sparkle, these dazzling drop earrings are the perfect accessories. A geometric sterling silver design illuminated with fabulous twinkling stones will ensure th..
£28.29 £94.30
Pandora Shine Limited Edition Floating Grains Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings009
• Shine, Cubic Zirconia • Drops, Nature, Autumn • 267674CZ • Dazzling grains dangle from your ears with these PANDORA Shine™ statement earrings in 18K gold-plated sterling silver. They create a show-stopping effect and delicate movement...
£43.05 £143.50
Pandora Rose Wildflower Meadow Drop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings037
• Rose Gold, Crystal, Cubic Zirconia • Drops, Floral, Spring • Pink • 287114NPR • Let blush-colored flowers bloom around you with these statement earrings in PANDORA Rose™. The cascading embellishments of tonal pink cubic zirconia stones and crystals will catch the light when you move. Please note t..
£40.59 £135.30
Pandora Shine Honeycomb Lace Drop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings036
• Shine, Cubic Zirconia • Drops, Love, Nature, Spring • 267068CZ • Illuminate your face with the radiant color and texture of honey with these PANDORA Shine™ heart earrings in 18K gold-plated sterling silver. The honeycomb lace structure is dripping with dazzling cubic zirconia stones. *PANDORA Shin..
£30.75 £102.50
Pandora Enchanted Tassels Drop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings032
• Sterling Silver • Drops • 297115 • Combine a fairy-tale look with a modern style story with these gorgeous sterling silver statement earrings. The dramatic tassels create a show-stopping effect and delicate movement...
£36.90 £123.00
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