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Hoops Earrings

Pandora Alluring Hearts Hoop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings004
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Hoops, Love • 297290CZ • These sterling silver hoop earrings with beautiful hearts and sparkling details are sophisticated and expressive. They take a classic jewelry staple to a new dimension...
£14.76 £49.20
Pandora Rose Droplets Hoop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings055
• Rose Gold, Cubic Zirconia • Hoops • 286244CZ • Elevate your everyday look with these splendid hoop earrings. Made from the unique PANDORA Rose™ metal blend, set with gleaming clear cubic zirconia stones, they are the ultimate feminine elegance...
£19.68 £65.60
Pandora Rose Open Heart Ear Cuff
-70 %
Model: Earrings020
• Rose Gold • Hoops, Ear Cuff, Love • 287214 • The perfect gift for every fashion-forward female, this stylish heart-shaped earring cuff has a contemporary expression offset by the blush-pink hue of PANDORA Rose™...
£7.38 £24.60
Hearts Pandora Hoop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings052
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Hoops • 296319CZ • For a bold statement, these large sterling silver hoop earrings are the way to go. Glittering clear cubic zirconia stones continue the cool palette and cut-out hearts take these classics into a new era. These hoop earrings are 27 mm in diameter...
£24.60 £82.00
Pandora Elegant Waves Hoop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings033
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Hoops • 297097CZ • Illuminate your face with shimmering movement with these finely crafted half-hoop earrings in sterling silver, swirling with clear cubic zirconia stones...
£18.45 £61.50
Pandora Signature Hoop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings109
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Hoops • 290558CZ • The perfect style for both office and party wear, PANDORA’s sterling silver and cubic zirconia eternity hoop earrings take you effortlessly from work to play. Simply sublime worn on their own, they are doubly fabulous when combined as a matching..
£22.14 £73.80
Pandora Shine Open Heart Ear Cuff
-70 %
Model: Earrings021
• Shine • Hoops, Ear Cuff, Love • 267214 • Adorn your ear with this PANDORA Shine™ earring cuff, designed to sit above the lobe. Crafted from 18K gold plated sterling silver, it will add effortless edge and a touch of luxury to any look...
£8.61 £28.70
Pandora Entwined Hoop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings085
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Hoops • 290730CZ • Simply stunning, these half hoop earrings feature a mixture of smooth sterling silver and stone-embellished strands. Their unique blend of classic and contemporary elements makes them perfect for a casual daytime look or glamorous night out...
£22.14 £73.80
Pandora Droplets Hoop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings051
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Hoops • 296244CZ • Radiant and chic, these sterling silver hoop earrings echo the shimmering effect of water droplets. They are the perfect pair to take you through any occasion in effortless style...
£15.99 £53.30
Pandora ESSENCE Large Hoops of Versatility
-70 %
Model: Earrings007
• Sterling Silver • Hoops, ESSENCE • 297694 • These classic circle hoop earrings in sterling silver are full of possibilities. Add PANDORA ESSENCE Collection charms to the hoops or wear them au naturel...
£14.76 £49.20
Pandora Hearts Hoop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings054
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Hoops • 296317CZ • Classic sterling silver hoops get a contemporary twist with the addition of sparkling clear cubic zirconia stones and cut-out hearts. Their size make them the perfect go-to staples for every woman. These hoop earrings are 15 mm in diameter...
£15.99 £53.30
Pandora ESSENCE Hoops of Versatility
-70 %
Model: Earrings001
• Sterling Silver • Hoops, ESSENCE • 297727 • These versatile sterling silver hoop earrings bring a fresh profile. Add PANDORA Essence Collection charms to them for a personalized look or wear them just as they are...
£12.30 £41.00
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