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Rose Gold Earrings

Pandora Rose Droplets Hoop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings055
• Rose Gold, Cubic Zirconia • Hoops • 286244CZ • Elevate your everyday look with these splendid hoop earrings. Made from the unique PANDORA Rose™ metal blend, set with gleaming clear cubic zirconia stones, they are the ultimate feminine elegance...
£19.68 £65.60
Pandora Rose Radiant Elegance Drop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings070
• Rose Gold, Cubic Zirconia • Drops • 280688CZ • Two rosy discs encrusted with concentric circles of sparkling stones add a glamorous expression to these elegant PANDORA Rose™ dangle earrings. With their classic look, they will add vintage sophistication to any occasion. Please note that the butterf..
£24.60 £82.00
Pandora Rose Timeless Elegance Stud Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings067
• Rose Gold, Cubic Zirconia • Studs • 280591CZ • These stunning rose gold colored stud earrings in PANDORA Rose™ feature a halo of cubic zirconia (CZ) stones around the Danube-cut center stone. Conveying a sense of timeless beauty, they will put a glamorous spin on a classic outfit. Please note that..
£24.60 £82.00
Pandora Rose Open Heart Ear Cuff
-70 %
Model: Earrings020
• Rose Gold • Hoops, Ear Cuff, Love • 287214 • The perfect gift for every fashion-forward female, this stylish heart-shaped earring cuff has a contemporary expression offset by the blush-pink hue of PANDORA Rose™...
£7.38 £24.60
Pandora Rose Vintage Allure Stud Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings003
• Rose Gold, Cubic Zirconia • Studs • 280721CZ • These PANDORA Rose™ earrings combine solitaire studs with detachable jackets. For daytime chic, the studs are perfect, then dress them up with their halos for instance glamour...
£24.60 £82.00
Pandora Rose Sparkling Love Knot Stud Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings069
• Rose Gold, Cubic Zirconia • Studs, Love, Valentine's Day • 280696CZ • These blush-hued stud earrings in PANDORA Rose™ offer an elegant interpretation of a meaningful love knot design. Signifying the special bonds between individuals, they have a timeless beauty and the essential sparkle that any w..
£22.14 £73.80
Pandora Rose Captured Hearts Stud Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings088
• Rose Gold, Cubic Zirconia • Studs, Love, Valentine's Day • 280528CZ • With their simple heart-shaped outline accented with shimmering stones, these classic studs in PANDORA Rose™ are appropriate for every occasion. Their rosy hue lends a romantic, vintage touch to the design. Please note that the ..
£14.76 £49.20
Pandora Rose Pink Enchanted Crowns Stud Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings031
• Rose Gold, Crystal • Studs, Fairy Tale • Pink • 287127NPO • Bring small touches of splendor to your day - or night - with these glorious stud earrings in our blush-hued PANDORA Rose™ metal. Let them crown your ears gloriously with pink crystals...
£15.99 £53.30
Pandora Rose Radiant Teardrops Stud Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings013
• Rose Gold, Cubic Zirconia • Studs, Love • 286252CZ • The warm sheen of PANDORA Rose™ perfectly offsets the dazzling cubic zirconia stones that adorn these stylish teardrop studs. Use their crisp, clean elegance to shape a new styling...
£15.99 £53.30
Pandora Rose Wildflower Meadow Drop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings037
• Rose Gold, Crystal, Cubic Zirconia • Drops, Floral, Spring • Pink • 287114NPR • Let blush-colored flowers bloom around you with these statement earrings in PANDORA Rose™. The cascading embellishments of tonal pink cubic zirconia stones and crystals will catch the light when you move. Please note t..
£40.59 £135.30
Pandora Rose Alluring Hearts Hoop Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings011
• Rose Gold, Cubic Zirconia • Hoops, Love • 287290CZ • Glow and dazzle at the same time with these radiant PANDORA Rose™ hoop earrings, embellished with hearts and contrasting clear cubic zirconia stones...
£18.45 £61.50
Pandora Rose Forever Stud Earrings
-70 %
Model: Earrings090
• Rose Gold, Cubic Zirconia • Studs, Valentine's Day • 280585CZ • This pair of simple, circular blush-colored earring studs in PANDORA Rose™ is embellished with sparkling accents that add subtle shine to the graphic design. Perfect for everyday wear. Please note that the butterfly earring backs used..
£17.22 £57.40
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