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Pandora Tree of Love Necklace
-70 %
Model: Necklace029
• Sterling Silver, Enamel • Necklaces with Pendants, Love, Family • Pink, Red • 396582ENMX • This beautifully-crafted statement necklace pendant features an intricate tree of love, set in a beaded heart-shaped frame. The sterling silver and enamel design is a beautiful representation of a love that ..
£22.14 £73.80
Pandora Bright Hearts Necklace Pandora Bright Hearts Necklace
-70 %
Model: Necklace018
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Necklace Chains, Love • 397756NRPMX • This versatile sterling silver necklace features decorative heart details. Its heart-shaped toggle closure, embellished with pastel-hued stones, doubles as a glamorous focal point...
£20.66 £68.88
Pandora Regal Key Necklace
-70 %
Model: Necklace005
• Sterling Silver • Necklaces with Pendants, Love, Valentine's Day • 397676 • The simple yet sophisticated look of this sterling silver key pendant will bring a modern fairy tale twist to stylings. The necklaces is adjustable - just slide the clasp to the length you want...
£24.60 £82.00
Pandora Lock Your Promise Necklace Pandora Lock Your Promise Necklace
-70 %
Model: Necklace031
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Necklaces with Pendants, Love, Valentine's Day • Pink • 396583FPC • Contemporary and chic, this stylish sterling silver necklace features a multifunctional padlock pendant. The heart-shaped focal point, featuring the PANDORA logo and pink cubic zirconia stones, do..
£28.29 £94.30
Pandora Open Heart Necklace Pandora Open Heart Necklace
-70 %
Model: Necklace014
• Sterling Silver • Necklaces with Pendants, Love • 397204 • Add on-trend dimension to your layered necklace look with this simple yet stunning sterling silver piece. Crafted with two front chains and a pretty heart closure that sits between your collarbones, it's nothing short of stylish...
£18.45 £61.50
Pandora Rose Harmonious Hearts Chime Necklace
-70 %
Model: Necklace017
• Rose Gold • Necklaces with Pendants, Love • 387299 • Emitting a soft and soothing chime, this intricate PANDORA Rose™ filigree necklace promotes calm and relaxation – a welcome feeling for any woman. For expectant mothers, the long necklace rests the chime near her belly, giving baby her very own ..
£67.65 £225.50
Pandora Ribbon of Love Necklace
-70 %
Model: Necklace045
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Necklaces with Pendants, Love, Valentine's Day • 590535CZ • Symbolizing strong and everlasting connections between two individuals, this classic sterling silver necklace adds delicate sheen to any outfit. Adjustable in length to 42 cm and 38 cm, the heart-shaped d..
£18.45 £61.50
Pandora Entwined Hearts Necklace Pandora Entwined Hearts Necklace
-70 %
Model: Necklace053
• Gold, Sterling Silver • Necklaces Chains, Love • 590517 • With its design of two interlinked hearts, one in sterling silver and one in 14K gold, this necklace is a stylish gift for someone you hold dear. To underscore the elegant expression, wear with the matching stud earrings and ring...
£18.45 £61.50
Pandora Rose Hearts Necklace Pandora Rose Hearts Necklace
-70 %
Model: Necklace052
• Rose Gold, Cubic Zirconia • Necklaces with Pendants, Love • 580515CZ • This versatile PANDORA Rose™ necklace collier features the classic PANDORA logo on one side and a circle of shimmering stones on the other. Comprising two looks in one, this rose-colored necklace is the perfect transition piece..
£36.90 £123.00
Pandora Heart of Winter Collier Necklace
-70 %
Model: Necklace032
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Necklaces with Pendants, Love, Winter • 396370CZ • The delicate heart and ice crystal pendant on this elegant collier necklace is evocative of the season. Wear winter's frosty loveliness around your neck and brighten a wintery look...
£19.68 £65.60
Pandora Celebration Hearts Necklace Pandora Celebration Hearts Necklace
-70 %
Model: Necklace043
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Necklaces with Pendants, Love • 390404CZ • The classic heart comes in two and beats as one on this sterling silver necklace. A shimmering disc with a cut-out heart dangles next to a polished heart and the 70 cm chain has a sliding clasp so it can be worn in differ..
£22.14 £73.80
Pandora Heart of Winter Necklace
-70 %
Model: Necklace035
• Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia • Necklaces with Pendants, Love, Winter • 396369CZ • This sterling silver heart pendant necklace will capture attention with its glittering ice crystal embellishments. Its size and shape make a perfect, bold statement...
£30.75 £102.50
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